Northwest Camera & Video Repair, located in Lindstrom, Minnesota, is the Twin Cities’ most reliable camera and video repair house. Northwest has been serving the Twin Cities since 1935 and  delivers the highest quality repairs and customer service.
Repair… Don’t replace!
“They don’t make ’em like they used to”  and ” You get what you pay for” applies more to camera equipment than almost anything else you can imagine. How do you think the manufacture can market cameras so cheaply? They make cuts in the quality of the components used to build the camera. If you want a “throw away” camera, buy the inexpensive ones, if you want a camera that is going to last, consider paying a little more and you will have a camera that will not only last longer, but can be repaired if you have a problem rather than just tossing it away .
We love cleaning, fixing and restoring your camera treasures that are sure to provide years of reliable service to you and your family. Not only do we like the older equipment, we are capable of repairing your new digital cameras, both DSLR and point and shoot style.
Want to find out about repairing your camera? Just go to our contact page and send a quick note and we will get back to you.