Lens Repair

Northwest Camera & Video Repair has been repairing lenses of all makes and models for over 75 years. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, the surrounding areas of the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota. We have also repaired lenses that have been shipped in from all over the United States.

Camera lenses have changed greatly over the last century but their function is still basically the same. Layers of glass that has been ground and polished gather light and distribute it to a recording surface. Early cameras recorded light onto film. Now, digital camera lenses record light onto CCD or CMOS sensors.

Camera sensors can gather dust and debris which will leave spots on images. Many photgraphers mistake dust on sensors as dust in their lenses. Sensor cleaning may be necessary when this happens. However, dust can get into your lens as well. Dust between lens elements can create distortion on images in the right situation. Dust and dirt in zoom lens assemblies can lead to a malfunctiong zoom. Lens cleaning may be all the lens needs to bring it back to functioning properly.

Northwest Camera & Video Repair has extensive experience with both fixed focal length and zoom lens repair.


Drop-Off locations around the Twin City Metro area make it convenient for you to get your lens repaired.