How to ship to us:

Even if you are not within driving distance of Northwest Camera & Video Repair, you can still take advantage of our services. We make it easy for you to ship your equipment to us for repair with our DOWNLOADABLE REPAIR FORM. Please fill out all the information on the repair and include it with your camera. Please include your email for correspondence. We will check your equipment and contact you with an estimate.

We do not charge for estimates unless a teardown is needed.

Shipping your camera to us:

***Please do not ship in original packaging***

Place your camera in a plastic bag and include a filled out copy of our DOWNLOADABLE REPAIR FORM. Place bagged camera in a box with enough room for packing material to keep your camera from shipping damage. If you don't have commercial packing like packing peanuts or bubble wrap, you can use wadded-up newspaper. Make sure there is enough packing to keep the camera secure in the middle of the box.

Please be sure to include paperwork with cameras shipped in to us for repair. There has been a rash of cameras coming in without lately.

Note: Please remove camera straps before shipping your camera.